Developer App

Developer app allows you to get access to Good Life API and control user's devices on their behalf.

Register App

Before getting started, you need to register your developer app by submitting following form.
Once your app is registered and approved, you will get an appid then you will be able to make authenticated requests to the API.


User will be able to activate registered and approved app to create an API key for it. User will give you API key for your app that is linked with his/her account. You will then be able to call our API to interact with user's devices.

API Call

Before making authenticated requests to GLT API, you need to provide appid and apiKey that you get in previous steps. Provide appid and apiKey in request headers in following format.

API Response

Depends upon your request, you will receive API response in JSON format. If there is error then response will be in following format
{"error":1,"msg":"Error detail"}
If there is no error then {"error": 0} and other keys will exists depends upon your request.